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Slovenian Library Association


The Slovenian Library Association is a voluntary, independent non-governmental association which links together library and other professional associations and legal persons governed by private law in the library and information science field in the Republic of Slovenia and abroad.

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Section for public libraries at the Slovenian Library Association


The Section connects all public libraries and provides for their professional development and promotion. It also holds bi-annual public library conferences and coordinates a Public Library Day every year.

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Public Agency for a Book


The Slovenian Book Agency encourages publication of quality literary and scientific works, especially in the humanities field, provides better access to the Slovenian books and promotes recognition of the Slovenian authors.

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Library System Development Centre


Library System Development Centre at NUK collects, processes and disseminates the statistical and other data on library operations, keeps the register and produces drafts of acts and bye-laws and professional rules and regulations in the area of librarianship.

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Regional public libraries


In Slovenia, there are 10 regional libraries. Besides their regular activities, they perform special tasks in their regions: (1) provide a larger and more comprehensive selection of library material and information, (2) offer advice and counsel to libraries, (3) coordinate collection, processing and preservation of local studies material and (4) direct the withdrawn material.

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